Vision is an Apple Vision Pro service offering for brands that covers consulting, spatial UX design, and AR development.

Apple Vision Pro development available now

We future-proof brands by launching them on Apple Vision Pro ahead of the competition.

We build upon 10+ years of experience in designing and developing award-winning AR, VR, WebXR, and Metaverse experiences, to launch your brand on Apple Vision Pro.

The Vision offer



One or a series of meetings where we get to know your brand and your business needs. We share initial ideas for how to launch your brand on Apple Vision Pro.


Using the official Apple visionOS Figma design library, we invent never-seen-before yet intuitive spatial user interfaces for your app.


We create functional prototypes that help demonstrate our ideas and validate the hypotheses. The prototypes are actual visionOS apps that run on Apple Vision Pro simulator.


We develop full-featured Apple Vision Pro apps with tailored spatial UX, spatial audio, and full functionality implementation that are ready for deployment once Vision Pro is released.

Industries that we work with

We deliver tailored Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality solutions for the following industries:


E-commerce will benefit from the convenience of Apple Vision Pro's at-home use and its AR capabilities more than any other industry.

Our solutions include 3D product viewers, AR product customizers, and the conversion of existing online stores to Apple's new headset.

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Fintech companies, cloud infrastructures, NFT marketplaces, or Metaverse brands will feel at home launching on Apple Vision Pro. Our team will help you design never-seen-before spatial user interfaces and engage your audiences on the most advanced Mixed Reality headset on the market.

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View virtual objects in Augmented Reality within a classroom context, or fully immerse students in virtual worlds that surround them. With Apple Vision Pro, users can have a hands-on experience with whatever they are learning about.

As a registered EU company, we collaborate with educational institutions from around the world.

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Spatial user interfaces naturally promote enjoyable and gamified experiences, whether it's a fully immersive dinosaur park or a tabletop card game. Apple Vision Pro can elevate these experiences to the next level with features like spatial audio, Immersion mode, and intuitive controls.

In addition to games, we also create music and video experiences.

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How our team utilizes 10+ years of XR experience to design and develop for Apple Vision Pro today

1. Research

Our Vision team remains up to date with the latest possibilities on Apple visionOS by closely following Beta documentation, newsletters, and attending the Apple Vision Pro developer labs. This enables us to offer strategic advice to brands, assess the feasibility of concepts, and successfully transform our vision into a fully functional Apple Vision Pro app.

2. Experience

We have developed countless XR (AR, VR, and Mixed Reality) applications in the past, each showcasing innovative approaches to user interaction and maximizing the potential of the respective platforms. Drawing from this extensive experience, we are now leveraging our expertise to craft applications for Apple Vision Pro.

3. Spatial design

Each new medium requires bespoke design to unleash its capabilities. Just as playing a radio programme on a TV doesn't utilize the device to its full potential, directly converting existing UIs to work on Apple Vision Pro is not the way to go. Our team explores experimental user interfaces and interaction mechanics to design true applications of the future for visionOS.

4. Prototyping

Theoretical research is just one facet of our work. Our Vision team takes a proactive approach, designing and developing prototypes of Apple Vision Pro applications to explore novel user interfaces and innovative interaction methods within the environment. Each of these prototypes not only assists in executing new concepts swiftly but also aids us in advancing our understanding of the platform.

Why us?

Trust and transparency are at the core of our business. Here are some key facts about us that could aid you in making an informed decision.


Founding year







LePB over exceed all of our expectations, being the best partner for us. The biggest value of the team is not just second to none expertise and skills and knowledge, but ability to understand and align to the way we think, and the true value of creativity.

Group Marketing Director, Design Bridge and Partners

Our clients

We firmly believe in forging partnerships grounded in skill, expertise, integrity, and genuine collaboration. This commitment led to an impressive outcome: in 2022, 67% of our clients returned for a second project.


Cloud Platform infrastructure
Our projects are powered by the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, which auto scales to any demand.


Artificial Intelligence
We have an AI team that makes it possible to integrate Machine Learning systems like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion into Apple Vision Pro apps.


Our team has been amongst the first people in the world to have been able to try the actual Apple Vision Pro headset, giving us a first-hand experience.

World's 1st

FWA award for an Apple Vision Pro project
We hold the world's first FWA award for an Apple Vision Pro project.


Artists on board
Our team of 3D artists has worked on projects like Far Cry 6 - The Lion's Den with Twitch. Tap into their unique skills to elevate your visionOS app to new heights.


Time left until Apple Vision Pro development is possible
We have access to the official Apple Vision Pro Beta tools today, enabling us to design and develop visionOS apps for your brand now.

Questions are fine. We're here to answer them.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers for your convenience. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

"At Le Polish Bureau I promote an open and honest conversational culture, where asking questions and saying "I don't know" is fine. There is lots of things I don't know myself. And I'm open about this with our clients. But I don't think there are many companies better than us in finding the answers."

- Maciej Zasada, Managing Partner

How are you developing for Apple Vision Pro already today?

We have access to Apple's Beta tools, including the Apple Vision Pro simulator, enabling us to start building for this platform today. We have also attended the Apple Vision Pro developer labs where we had access to the actual device as one of the first companies worldwide.

It is a new platform. What relevant experience do you have?

We have been operating in the XR (AR, VR, MR) field for almost a decade now. In 2014, we developed an immersive VR project for Nissan, using prototype Oculus headset. Since then, we designed, developed, and released multiple commercial XR projects, including large-scale event venue augmentations for Niantic (Pokémon Go's creators), and a cross-platform AI-powered WebXR experience, Meet Wol, also in collaboration with Niantic. Our decade of experience in crafting spatial apps and interfaces positions us naturally and confidently to engage in Apple Vision Pro projects today.

Do you have access to the Apple Vision Pro device?

We had access to the actual Apple Vision Pro headset as one of the first companies worldwide during the Apple developer labs. We also have access to the official Apple Vision Pro simulator, which accurately replicates the behavior of the headset and the visionOS operating system. This enables us to thoroughly test all the applications we are currently developing. Additionally, we are enrolled in the Apple Vision Pro development kit program, and are signed up to Unity beta tools.

What kind of applications do you develop?

Those that align most effectively with your brand. Once we gain insight into your company, we'll collaboratively brainstorm and explore applications that will drive you toward your organizational objectives. With our expertise, we are fully equipped to develop a wide range of Apple Vision Pro apps—UI-based, Mixed Reality, fully immersive, and even web-based.

Will my website work on Apple Vision Pro?

Existing websites will generally continue working on Apple Vision Pro. But there is a whole new range of possibilities to be seized on the web for the headset. Websites can add 3D content and spatial interactivity that will become available on Apple Vision Pro, without impacting the experience on any of the other platforms - desktop, tablet, and mobile. We can also help you proactively test your website now to ensure that it will be fully operational on Apple Vision Pro when the device is released.

How much does it cost to work with you?

This is contingent upon the project scope. The initial consulting call is complimentary, so the best approach is to get in touch with us. The specific design and development costs will fluctuate based on the chosen direction.

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