White-label spatial e-commerce solution
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Introducing a white-label Apple Vision Pro e-commerce app.
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Vision by LePB
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January 8, 2024

4. Multi-dimensional Product Viewing

V-Commerce redefines product visualization by enabling users to view items in multiple spatial modes. From 3D models within the storefront to AR-based integration into real-world environments and immersive 360 VR experiences, it caters to diverse user preferences. With the latter, you can virtually teleport the user e.g. to the middle of an NBA stadium to present your NBA gear, or to a Paris catwalk to let them experience your fashion items like a real model.

5. Seamless Apple Pay Integration

Facilitating frictionless transactions, V-Commerce integrates Apple Pay. This feature leverages the seamless payment ecosystem of Apple Vision Pro, streamlining the checkout process for users.

6. Robust Google Cloud Hosting

With a robust infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform, V-Commerce ensures a production-ready, auto-scaling hosting solution. It adeptly accommodates varying user loads while optimizing hosting costs by scaling down during lower traffic periods.


V-Commerce empowers brands to leapfrog ahead in the realm of spatial e-commerce, offering tailor-made experiences that resonate with their audience. Its adaptability allows for further customization, aligning every aspect of the application with the unique needs of individual brands.


V-Commerce revolutionizes the e-commerce landscape by transcending traditional boundaries and offering a bespoke spatial shopping experience. Through its blend of cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, it empowers brands to captivate consumers in an immersive world, propelling them towards a future of retail that marries the physical and virtual realms seamlessly.

How you can launch your store on Apple Vision Pro with V-Commerce

Reach out today at vision@lepolishbureau.com to get a quote.

Every aspect of V-Commerce can be further customised for individual brand needs.

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We prepared some most frequently asked questions and answers for you. If there is anything else that you would like to ask, don't hesitate to reach out.

"At Le Polish Bureau I promote an open and honest conversation culture, where asking questions and saying "I don't know" is fine. There is lots of things I don't know myself. And I'm open about this with our clients. But I don't think there are many companies better than us in finding the answers."

- Maciej Zasada, Managing Partner

How are you developing for Apple Vision Pro already today?

We have access to Apple's Beta tools, including the Apple Vision Pro simulator, which allows us to build for this platform already today.

It is a new platform. What relevant experience do you have?

We have been working in the XR (AR, VR, MR) space for around a decade now. We developed an immersive VR project for Nissan in 2014, using prototype Oculus headset, that hasn't been publicly released yet. We designed, developed, and released several commercial XR projects, including large-scale event venue augmentations for Niantic (Pokemon Go's creators), or a WebXR AI-powered cross-platform experience, Meet Wol, also for Niantic. The decade of working with spatial apps and interfaces puts us in a natural and comfortable position to be working with Apple Vision Pro now.

Do you have access to the Apple Vision Pro device?

We have access to the official Apple Vision Pro simulator, which precisely emulates the behavior of the real device, and allows testing all the applications we are developing now. We are also signed up for the Apple Vision Pro development kit, Apple workshops, and Apple and Unity beta tools access.

What kind of applications do you develop?

Ones that make most sense for your brand. After we get to know your company, we will collectively brainstorm and discuss what applications will make you reach your organisational goals. We have the expertise needed to develop all kinds of Apple Vision Pro apps - UI-based, Mixed Reality, fully immersive, or web based.

Will my website work on Apple Vision Pro?

Existing websites will generally continue working on Apple Vision Pro. But there is a whole new range of possibilities to be seized on the web for the headset. Websites can add 3D content and spatial interactivity that will become available on Apple Vision Pro, without impacting the experience on any of the other platforms - desktop, tablet, and mobile. We can also help you proactively test your website now to ensure that it will be fully operational on Apple Vision Pro when the device is released.

How much does it cost to work with you?

This only depends on the scope. The initial consulting call is free, so the best is simply to reach out. Actual design and development costs will vary depending on the chosen direction.

Get in touch to discuss the possibility of launching your brand on Apple Vision Pro today.